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If you ask the average homeowner, the first thought that comes to mind in terms of remodeling their bath or kitchen, is to completely renovate or "rip out and replace" the room. Since our kitchens and bathrooms are the only rooms that have fixed hard surfaces such as bathtubs and tile that are not easily replaced, our biggest challenges lie in these rooms. Complete remodeling usually involves removing not only the fixtures but, removal of the walls and floors down to the beams. As we all know there are many disadvantages to this option. First, there is the challenge of hiring a competent contractor. Once you’ve chosen a contractor, then you’ll have to live with the demolition, lack of privacy and a mess that can last for weeks. And the biggest disadvantage of completely remodeling is the cost.

Fortunately now, you have other quicker, cleaner and more affordable options when it comes to giving your home a new look. One such alternative is the process of resurfacing. Until very recently, the process was done mainly to bathtubs and sinks and was most often referred to as "reglazing" or "refinishing". The products used would last a couple of years and make an old bathtub look presentable for that short time. Today, thanks to technological advances in the industry, almost any hard surface in your kitchen or bathroom can be resurfaced with amazing results.

The system of resurfacing is the application of a durable coating over the existing surfaces, creating the look and feel of a newly installed fixture. Formica, ceramic tile, bathtubs, and sinks are just some of the fixtures that can be resurfaced. Pro Tub Resurfacing sets itself apart from the ordinary refinishing company by functioning as a specialty kitchen and bathroom contractor. Working in private homes and hotels from Long Beach to Malibu, Beverly Hills to Fullerton, Pro Tub Resurfacing has been able to produce extraordinary results for every client and price range.

Pro Tub Resurfacing manufactures its own high quality resurfacing materials that can only be applied by our own certified "Surface Technicians". At Pro Tub Resurfacing we transform hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms every month. When we are done you are left with a beautiful kitchen or bathroom that looks "like new". You can be assured of a finish that will last for many years to come.

"We appreciate your professionalism and dedication to customer quality and satisfaction."

-R. G.,
San Fernando Valley

"I recently had my kitchen counter tops resurfaced and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results. I could not have imagined that they would look so good. I truly have a new kitchen!"

Long Beach

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