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For Hotel Professionals Only. If You Don't Want To Be Ripped Off When Contracting For Bathroom Renovations, Read This Letter.


There Are 10 Ways A Bathtub Refinisher Can Rip You Off? Do You Want To Know How?

A Local Bathtub Refinisher Exposes The Truth In A New Special Report.

Dear Hotel Professional,

You know your bathrooms need work. And, you've finally got approval to spend some money on your guest bathrooms. Among the other improvements, you decide that you are going to refinish the bathtubs. They are old, hard to clean, unsafe, slippery and don't look very good anymore. You are sure that refinishing them will make them look like new again and save you a small fortune vs. tearing them out and replacing them. But, how do you choose the right refinisher for the job?

Until now, the refinishing industry has been reluctant, even unwilling to provide any real information about the refinishing process. This has led to so many misconceptions about refinishing, that most people feel that every refinisher and every refinishing process is equal. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

There is only one key ingredient for any professional to make a well-qualified decision on hiring a bathtub-refinishing contractor. That ingredient is INFORMATION.

Until now, there has been such a lack of information available about refinishing, that it has caused too many hotel or motel owners to make some very costly decisions.

Choosing the wrong refinisher could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the frustration and the headaches of having to do the job over again. In just a minute I'm going to offer you a report that exposes the truth about bathtub refinishing. A local bathtub refinisher wrote it, and in this report he tells all. Don't even think about refinishing a bathtub, tile, or countertops until you've read this report.

In fact, the average refinisher doesn't want you to know the information contained in this report! Because once you've read this report you'll be armed with information, information he hoped you wouldn't have. It'll mean that he'll have to be honest with you. It'll mean you can't be ripped off!

In this report you will learn:
7 Common mistakes made when hiring a bathtub refinisher
5 Telltale signs that you are about to be ripped off
4 Steps of the refinishing process and what to look for in each
3 Questions you have to ask about the warranty
10 Things a refinisher can do to cut corners and rip you off
7 Topcoat materials you should never allow to be applied to your bathtubs

The actual total cost of bathtub refinishing
The difference between a licensed and unlicensed contractor, and how to verify a contractor's license
The truth about warranties, and what type not to accept.

Refinishing is not like other trades in that you really can't tell if you are getting a quality job, until 5 years later. For example, if you decide to replace the countertops in the bathrooms, you have a number of solid materials to choose from. They will come individually packaged from a manufacturer and you can inspect and verify the quality of each one. You will see with your own eyes whether or not the top is manufactured properly. In fact, once the top is installed, you can even inspect and verify the quality of the installation. And, if there is a problem with the installation you'll notice it right away. With bathtub refinishing how do you verify the quality of the materials let alone the application? YOU CAN'T! Even though it might look pretty on the outside, only time will tell if you've got a good application. In every case, you are trusting that the company or individual you have hired is going to actually perform the work to the standards or specifications promised.

For the most part I'd say the hotel industry is getting good quality work at fair prices. But, in the last few years there seems to be a lot of dishonest refinishers out there that are ripping off hotels and motels and giving the rest of the refinishing industry a bad name.

In the last couple of weeks in our office alone, we have received an unusual number of calls from hotels that have recently had bathtubs refinished and the hotels aren't happy with the results. Here are a few examples: 1. Big name hotel in a beautiful Southern California location, room rates: $199+, had 170 bathtubs and tile surrounds refinished less than 2 years ago. All tubs and tile are failing and need to be redone. The hotel accepted a 1-year warranty, and the individual who did the work cannot be found. 2. Mid price major franchise hotels, 2 locations had approx 90 bathtubs refinished 14 months ago. The bathtubs are peeling and need to be redone. Hotel cannot find the individual that did the work. 3. Big name hotel next to a busy tourist destination in Southern California had almost 200 bathtubs refinished less than 2 years ago. All bathtubs need to be redone. We don't know why they haven't called the original contractor or individual back.

What do these hotels have in common? Unfortunately, they all made one or more of the 7 mistakes a busy hotel property can't afford to make when hiring a bathtub-refinishing contractor.

What are these 7 mistakes, and why are so many hotels making them? The number one reason is the lack of good information about bathtub refinishing. The really unfortunate part is that these hotels will make the same mistakes again when hiring a refinisher to correct the original work! Each of these mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars and endless headaches.

Bathtub refinishing is not an easy fix, if it's not done right the first time, not only does the tub have to be redone but, the old (inferior) finish must be completed removed before work can even begin. Unfortunately, in most cases it takes more time and expense to remove that inferior finish than it does to refinish the tub!

I'd like to send you a copy a special report entitled, The Plain Truth About Bathtub Refinishing: The 7 Mistakes You Absolutely Cannot Afford To Make When Choosing A Bathtub Refinishing Contractor. This report is yours absolutely FREE for the asking. We guarantee this report will save you money.

If you are considering bathtub, tile or countertop refinishing now or in the near future you cannot afford to not read this report! After you've read this report we guarantee you'll be armed with all of the information you'll need to avoid being ripped off by the wrong refinisher.

There are a number of ways you can receive this report. You can call me directly at 562-989-2121 or toll free 877-NEW FINISH, and I'll rush you a copy, or you can fax the special order form enclosed with this letter to my attention at 562-426-8124.

Please feel free to call me with any questions or comments.

Karen Lanning
Surface Consultant
P.S. There are only a limited number of printed reports available; so I urge you to return the order form as quickly as possible.

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"We appreciate your professionalism and dedication to customer quality and satisfaction."

-R. G.,
San Fernando Valley

"I recently had my kitchen counter tops resurfaced and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the results. I could not have imagined that they would look so good. I truly have a new kitchen!"

Long Beach

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